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We live in a society where aches, pains and prescription drugs have been declared normal and basic requirements of “modern” living. Yvonne Stafford challenges us to shift the belief in this system, to one where it is more important to get our health back by addressing the cause rather than just treating the symptoms of disease.

By following the advice In this book you will learn how to:

  • Take responsibility for your health
  • Get rid of those ugly food cravings and overcome food addictions
  • Realize the healing benefits of raw and living foods
  • Get rid of toxins in your body, mind and spirit
  • Lose Weight naturally without dieting
  • Strengthen, maintain, reverse chronic disease
  • Create total well being from the cradle to the grave

"Without Question this book should be read by all those parents thinking fast food will replace mom's home cooking. I applaud Ms. Stafford with the diligence to bring facts and simple logic to the eating problems in America. Great Read!"
Dr. Scott Whitaker, ND, Author Medisin, The Causes & Solutions to Disease, Malnutrition and The Medical Sins that Are Killing the World.

“A must read. With the health crisis that our nation faces today, a quick fix will not do. Ms. Stafford’s wit and wisdom shines through as she reminds us that we do not have to live with pain and disease.. This book has the power to save lives.” Dr. Khemfoia T. Padu, PhD, Director, Natural Healing Foundation, Herbologist, Nutritionist

“This book is a message from God to me. Besides being eminently readable and well argued, it is packed with all of the survival stuff necessary to make the trip we call life, almost karmic free. Thanks for the wonderful experience, itself, a trip inward to travel back out to a healthier life.” Victoria Horsford, Journalist, pop culture historian and wellness enthusiast.